Does Petsmart Price Match?



Petsmart's Price Matching Policy: What Is It?

Prices at PetSmart can be compared to many other retailers' in-stock items. Customers can save a lot of money this way, and it's much easier to get everything your pet needs.

You can match any lower priced item on PetSmart's website.

PetSmart, on the other hand, does not price match items listed on competing websites or catalogs, only those that are adjacent in location.

PetSmart has a "one item, one price matching per customer" rule in place. As a result, only ask for one price match at a time.

What Is the Difference between Price Matching and Price Adjustment?

Price matching means you request a discount before buying an item because you've found a lower price elsewhere. You must make the request and present proof at the time of purchase to get the same price you found elsewhere. Sometimes retailers allow price matching for a certain period of time after a purchase, too. And certain retailers also offer price adjustments for a certain amount of time after a purchase -- usually about two weeks, though some are shorter. So if you see the item on sale from the same retailer after you buy, the retailer will refund you the difference.

Some retailers offer special deals during the holiday season. For example, Best Buy's policy allows for price adjustments during the item's return period, and during the holidays, most purchases have a return window through January 14, 2023. Target has a similar holiday policy, whereby purchases made after October 6 are eligible for a price adjustment if the item's price drops before or on Christmas Eve.

Not all stores that offer price matching offer price adjustments and vice versa. You'll want to check specific policies. And if a store does offer price adjustments, you'll want to pay close attention to sales even after you buy so you can take advantage of them.

Does Petsmart Price Match

Online Price Match Guarantee

Price match is also available if you discover a price difference on the online store of a competitor firm. You can claim price match by following the steps below.

Note: Third-party retailers on a competitor's online site won't count under the factors of price matching of that particular product.

Schedule Grooming Appointments Off Hours

The PetSmart grooming salon sees most of its furry clients early in the day. If you book an appointment after 4 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, you may be able to save up to 25% off of these services. PetSmart lists grooming specials on its website and the discounts are applicable to both appointments and walk-ins.

Be sure to look for special, limited-time seasonal services, especially during holidays. They usually have special touches that are related to the season or holidays, like bandanas with stencils for fall or Christmas, or collar charms matching them. You can add these perks to any salon service for just a few dollars.

Does Petsmart Price Match

What is better?

The ultimate question: Which is a better pet store?

There are so many factors to consider, and even still, one person's answer may differ from another. PetSmart, and Petco are very similar in many ways. They don't let us decide easily.

But to get started, let's learn a little bit more about what they both offer!

PetSmart operates over 1,600 locations in the U.S.A., Canada and Puerto Rico. Petco operates 1,500 stores in the US and Puerto Rico. Both offer similar services in addition to similar merchandise. Services, for example, include grooming salons and professional dog training.

Shipping options are similar for both.

PetSmart offers free same-day delivery from your local store to most areas, curbside and in-store pickup, and auto-ship. They also offer free delivery from their online stores for any purchase over $49.

Petco offers free same-day delivery from home to store, curbside and in-store pickup, free delivery on any order over $49, and auto-ship.

One point of difference in shipping is that Petco will deliver live fish!

Petco as well as PetSmart offer online pharmacies to fill your pet's prescription needs.

Both also sell fish as well as other animals like birds, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, and more. PetSmart sells only freshwater and tropical fish.

Something important they both wholeheartedly agree on is that no pet store should sell cats and dogs. Both refuse and work with shelters to rehome dogs and cats.

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Petsmart will match any price except for Amazon or Ebay

PetSmart will price match with most retailers, but there is a catch.

PetSmart only matches prices in stores. If you're shopping on, they'll only match prices from competitors' websites. You can request price matching only at the point of purchase in both situations.

PetSmart doesn't do price matching on pets or services. They also won't price match BOGO deals or "free gift with purchase" promos or prices from Amazon, eBay, or other auction sites.


What Items Are Eligible for Price Matching Offers?

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Some retailers limit the items that are eligible for price matching to specific categories or items. For example, eBay's price matching policy only covers new products in the eBay Deals section of the site, along with new, unopened top products showing a Best Price Guarantee symbol. And Newegg's price matching policy only covers items specially flagged with "price match guarantee." Check the price matching policy of each retailer to determine if any restrictions apply to products.

A few types of products are typically excluded from price matching policies, including the following:

Does Petco Price Match Chewy?

There will be no match pricing at Petco, you'll have to do the research.

Petco says that, when shopping online, you will only have the ability to price match for a few websites, but one of which is

Petco has stated that it will match any price offered by a competitor. This includes Chewy because both companies have essentially the same business model.

Once you get your free code, you can use the Petco app at checkout for your free shipping offer.

This is the same as saying that you can't match prices with a free trial to try the product out.

Does Petsmart Price Match

Buy Online and Get a Price Match: matches any online competitor's everyday price on identical in-stock products. Prices advertised by Amazon, eBay or other auction or discount sites are not matched. Call Customer Care at 1-888-839-9638.

Here is a great example of price matching in store, and why I love taking advantage of it. In store, my dogs monthly flea medication is regularly $54.99 for a 4 month supply. Chewy offers the exact same product for only $48.99. This is a $6 savings just by matching the price. This month I got double points back for purchasing these. Price matching is super simple. Just show the cashier the item with the lower price and they'll adjust the prices at the register. Anything from food, toys and treats can all be price matched! Always check online for lower prices on the products you are buying!


How To Price Match At Petsmart

To price match at Petsmart, follow these simple steps:

Search for the lowest price. You can find the cheaper price online or in a brick and mortar store near you.

Verify the product: Ensure that the product is in stock and identical to the one you plan to purchase at Petsmart.

Display the lower cost: Show your cashier the cheaper price, whether it is on your mobile phone or a printed copy.

Complete the purchase: The cashier will adjust the price of the item to match the lower price.

Questions and Answers about Petsmart price matching


#3 Way To Save - Petsmart Treat Trail Game!

It's probably the most under-utilized way to save money at PetSmart. In the PetSmart app, there is a game you can play called 'Treat Trail'. The game is a match-up to earn coupons in various amounts. The game has 3 different levels, with each level increasing the difficulty. However, the more difficult the game, the greater the value of the coupons. Coupons are valid for two weeks after you have won them. Coupons reset after every 40 days. To get the best out of the coupons, you can schedule your trip around the time that you play the game. You can win coupons for $5 off 35, $30 off 100 etc. or a percentage discount on one product, which is usually between 10% and 20%. The coupon may be used in conjunction with other PetSmart coupons but not manufacture coupons. (Like $10/$30 etc)